The First Giveaway: Facebook

Hi!  Odds are you found your way to this page via a link on Facebook, a link talking about some New Site and a Prize to be Awarded Randomly.  Basically it’s this:  when we reach 2500 Likes on the celebrated Book of Face, one of you wonderful followers will be chosen at random** to win an image from the SKIN Project.  The image is of A.T., and is an 8″x10″ test printing on aluminum.

8" x 10" aluminum image of A.T.

(the original image, without any reflections, can be found here)

When we get to 5000 Likes, there will be an additional larger (also randomly awarded) prize: a framed image from the VIRAGO collection… but that’s for when we get to 5000.

— Benjamin


** I will post a video of the process of choosing when I announce the winner.  If the winner doesn’t respond and claim the prize, another winner will be chosen at random.

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