2019 ReEdits, 3 of 4

Here’s the third Patreon upload, which includes RITUAL (thirteen images), SFW (a group of Instagram-friendly edits, eight images), and SKIN (fifty-eight images). And the final 2019 ReEdit upload will be VIRAGO (forty-two images), and WET PLATE (five images). As I said with the first 2019 ReEdit upload, y’all aren’t being charged for this batch.  All […]

2019 NYC and Denver Photoshoots* UPDATED

NEW YORK, NY: June 6 – 11 DENVER, CO: June 13 – 14 email: website: patreon: *** UPDATE 1: I’ve added a couple of days in Denver! If you’re in Denver, keep reading… though UPDATE 2 doesn’t pertain to you, so feel free to skip it. *** UPDATE 2: I have studio time at Starr Street […]

2019 ReEdits, 2 of 4

Hi, everybody! As I said in the previous post, I’ve recently needed to upsize some older images, and while you may have seen some of them before, some are being shared for the first time. Over on Patreon I’ve posted the second of four sets of uploads (the first included BANDS, FAUNA, and MICRO). The first set had a […]

2019 ReEdits

Hi, everybody! I’ve recently needed to upsize some older images, and even though I told myself not to (this is a potentially slippery slope), I re-edited each of them. Over on Patreon I’ve posted the first of four sets of uploads (the first including BANDS, FAUNA, and MICRO). The first set has a total of thirty-five […]

VIRAGO Model Info

email: website: patreon: Thank you for your interest in VIRAGO! I’ve had a lot of people reach out to be a part of the shoot and/or to learn more about it. The official description is as follows: VIRAGO In current usage, a “virago” is an opinionated, aggressive, loud-voiced, ill-tempered, shrewish woman. The original meaning of the […]