2016 Travel Dates!

It turns out I’m going to be traveling a bit in what’s left of 2016. I want to make use of this opportunity and reach out to anyone (both professional models and those who have not ever thought of themselves as models) who might like to sit for me. Some of these shoots will be for miscellaneous […]

The First Giveaway: Facebook

Hi!  Odds are you found your way to this page via a link on Facebook, a link talking about some New Site and a Prize to be Awarded Randomly.  Basically it’s this:  when we reach 2500 Likes on the celebrated Book of Face, one of you wonderful followers will be chosen at random** to win an […]

We Are Live!

Welcome to the new site! When we decided to redesign this place, we wanted to be sure it was something both user friendly and attractive, full of images and information, with an easy to use webstore.  The old site was none of these things, and its clunkiness drove this comprehensive update.  I really like what we came up […]


Watch this space for information regarding this new site, one-of-a-kind photographs and merchandise you can win, a new mailing list with infrequent (but totally life-enriching) updates, and all around general goodness. The plan is to officially launch the site on February 11.  Fingers crossed. –Benjamin