2019 ReEdits, 2 of 4

SKIN - Kirby

Hi, everybody!

As I said in the previous post, I’ve recently needed to upsize some older images, and while you may have seen some of them before, some are being shared for the first time. Over on Patreon I’ve posted the second of four sets of uploads (the first included BANDS, FAUNA, and MICRO). The first set had a total of thirty-five images.
I’ve just posted the second set, which includes MISC (eight images), PLACES (seventeen images), and PORTRAITS (twenty-three images).
The third set is RITUAL (thirteen images), SFW (a group of Instagram-friendly edits, eight images), and SKIN (fifty-eight images). And the final 2019 ReEdit upload will be VIRAGO (forty-two images), and WET PLATE (five images).
If you want to see this massive pile of new edits, head over to my Patreon page and sign up.
Did I mention Patreon often enough?
All my love, Benjamin

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