2016 Travel Dates!

It turns out I’m going to be traveling a bit in what’s left of 2016.

I want to make use of this opportunity and reach out to anyone (both professional models and those who have not ever thought of themselves as models) who might like to sit for me.
Some of these shoots will be for miscellaneous projects and stand-alone pieces, but some of them will be specifically for my VIRAGO Collection.

To learn more about VIRAGO, visit

The short version is that it’s a celebration of strong women, powerful women, a celebration of warriors wearing their armor, whatever that armor might be.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, send me a message at mail@gbenjaminensor.com.

I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


-October 5 – 9, Ann Arbor, MI
-November 11 – 14, Chicago, IL
-November 15 – 17, Boulder, CO


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